Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most common questions we get from our clients.

Q: What Does A Locksmith Do?

These are professionals who install, maintain, service and repair electronic and mechanical security products such as safes, locks, keys etc.


Q: Does a locksmith need qualifications to operate in Sydney?

Yes. A professional locksmith needs to be qualified for them to be licensed to operate. A locksmith needs to undergo training through an Australian Apprenticeship or Traineeship program for them to be licensed for all State and Territory security industry legislation.


Q: What is Key Cutting?

Key cutting is the process of making new or duplicate keys. Key cutting allows you to have more than one key for a single lock. A Trained Locksmith will cut any key you require with accuracy, ensuring the key completely fits your existing lock. Locksmiths can also cut keys even if one has lost them, instead of using the key, they use the lock to create the new set of keys.


Q: What is a Deadlock?

A deadlock is a lock that when locked with a key, one will need the same key to unlock. This is a lock that has a bolt which cannot be retracted by lodging it with any tool. Double deadlocks can be locked on both sides of a door and they are often secured sing a concealed fixing. Some deadlocks, normally called single-sided deadlocks, contain a thumb turn instead of a key on the inside.


Q: I’ve Lost My Car Keys, can you help?

Yes. Lost car keys whether transponder, standard car keys or remote fob can be replaced with a new set of keys for whatever vehicle (car, van, motorbike, truck etc.). You don’t have to change your car lock system if you misplaced or lost your key.


Q: Should I Change Locks After Buying A New Home?

No. A locksmith can help you in rekeying the locks in your new home. This means that the new lock can be operated by another key. This is normally done by altering the tumbler or by changing the configuration forcing the new key exchange. After rekeying, the new key can operate the lock and old key becomes invalid. Also, it’s wise to change the locks to foster the security of your home because the previous owner might have master keys.


Q: Is It Worth Getting Digital Keyless Locks For My House?

Yes . High-tech digital keyless locks use Bluetooth, fingerprint and Wi-Fi enabled systems. Digital keyless locks include biometric locks, key fob and smart-phone controlled locks. These systems are reliable and flexible.


Q: How Much Does A Locksmith Cost?

This varies but on average, hiring a locksmith costs $180. The lowest price for hiring a locksmith for simple tasks can cost you about $50 and the highest price can be about $300.


Q: Do You Have An Emergency Locksmith Service? 

Yes. We operate on a 24/7 basis and our team will respond very quickly for any emergency service.


Q: What are your operating hours?

We operate 24 hours offering services Sydney-wide at any time.


Q: What areas do you cover in Sydney?

We cover all metro areas of Sydney and can respond to your emergency call within a very short time.

Please get in touch if you have any further questions not listed here. If you want for information check out our home-page or call our team on 02 8880 5108

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